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DON'T TELL YOUR SISTER  (C) Philip Bruce Clements

You can tell your girlfriends anything you please. You can tell Matilda, you can tell Louise.

But if you tell your sister 'bout the way we spend the nights, she'll cuss and spit and throw a fit, and then she'll start a fight.

Don't tell your sister, she doesn't need to know. 'Cause if you tell your sister, her stack is bound to blow.


You can tell your cousin anything you want. You can tell your uncle, you can tell your aunt.

Please don't tell you sister. Please don't ask me why. But if you do I'm tellin' you ol' sis will hit the sky.

Don't tell your sister, make sure she don't find out.  'Cause if you tell your sister, you're gonna hear her shout.


You can tell your doctor anything you choose. When you see the preacher, go ahead and break the news.

But if you tell your sister 'bout the lovin' that we make, you'll sure find out when word gets out you made a big mistake.

Don't tell your sister, don't go and spill the beans.  'Cause if you tell your sister, you'll only make her mean.


Don't tell your sister, no need to put her wise.  'Cause if you tell your sister, she's gonna knock me 'tween the eyes.