Piano Phil DeVille

Boogie, Blues, and Stride

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LARRAINE   (C) Philip Bruce Clements

Larraine, Larraine, I caused you so much pain. I wish I knew the words to say to make you smile again. 

Larraine, my dear, I'm being most sincere. Can we go back to being just best friends?

You were my favorite childhood mate, we played ball after school.  Last night our passion was too great. I feel like such a fool.

Larraine, our love affair must end.


Larraine, Larraine, our friendship will remain. But we can't carry on like this. I know what folks are say'n'.

Larraine, my pet, I say with deep regret, we must go back to being just best friends.

I did admire and applaud your daring trip to Sweden. You said you wished to be abroad, some changes you were needin'.

Larraine, this doomed affair must end.


Larraine, Larraine, you chose a lovely name. You always had a boyish charm, but now you're not the same.

Larraine, my dear, I'm feeling awfully queer. Why'd we have to go beyond best friends?

As a boy you were my pal those summers by the lake. Now we're grown, you're quite a gal, we made a big mistake.

Too late to be a boy again.